Gouvernement Princier de Monaco

Real estate

After a two-year low in the context of the health crisis, the real estate market is clearly on the rise in 2022. In terms of volume, it increases by 18.2% compared to 2021 and counts 520 transactions but remains below its 2014-2016 level. In value, it reaches the unprecedented amount of €3.54 billion after an increase of 51.8%.


Real-estate sales
1.190,3 millions of euros
Source: Monaco Statistics
88 apartments
Source: Monaco Statistics


The new housing market reaches a new record in 2022 with 88 sales, which is 4 times more transactions than in 2021. Compared to the previous peak of 72 transactions in 2018, 16 more properties were sold in 2022.


Real-estate resales
2.350,2 millions of euros
Source: Monaco Statistics
432 apartments
Source: Monaco Statistics


In 2022, the total number of resales continues to increase (+3.6%) and exceeds its 2019 level but without reaching that of the years 2014-2016. With the exception of 2-room apartments (-5.4%), resales increase for all flat types and more particularly for 3-room apartments with +18.4%, i.e. 16 more properties than in 2021.

Mean price per square meter 

After the strong increase in 2021 (+9%), the average price per square metre falls slightly in 2022 (-1.8% or -1,000 € on average). At almost €51,000 per square metre, it remains above the symbolic €50,000 per square metre mark. It has risen by more than 60% in 10 years.

With more than €62,000 per m² (+4.4% compared to 2021), it is once again in Larvotto that the price per square metre is the highest.

Of the 8 districts in the Principality, 5 have seen their price per square metre decrease compared to 2021, which was a record year for this indicator. However, compared to 2020, it is increasing for Fontvieille, Monte-Carlo and La Rousse.

The price per square metre in the Moneghetti rose by 11.6% to over €42,000 per m², its highest level since 2019.