Gouvernement Princier de Monaco

Population and employment

Demography:  the official population figures

The population figures are detailed in the Ministerial Decree published annually in the Official Gazette.

On 31st December 2019, the population was estimated at 38,100 inhabitants according to the terms of Ministerial Decree No. 2020-317 of 16th April 2020.

2019 Population
38,100 inhabitants
Source: Monaco Statistics
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Estimating the population and census

Between each census, the population figures are updated annually in accordance with Sovereign Ordinance  No. 2.726 of 27th April 2010 modifying the Ordinance of 16th December 1862 on carrying out a census.  A general census of the population is undertaken at regular intervals. The most recent took place in 2000, 2008 and 2016.



07 June 2013 Thematic Content

Monaco Statistics has conducted two studies on housing. The first one, published in July 2012, is a prospective study about the State-owned housing needs by 2022. The second one, of June 2013, is a descriptive study of the sector known as the “rent-controlled housing of private tenure”.

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30 April 2020 Thematic Content

The Demography Observatory is the result of a collaboration begun in 2012 between Monaco Statistics, the Registry Office (Nationality) andMonaco City Hall 's Informatics Department.The aim is to present the main demographic indicators for the population of Monegasque nationality.

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Focus Population - Employment

26 March 2020 Thematic Content

Temporary EmploymentThe number of temporary workers in the Principality was estimated at more than 11,400 in 2019 (people who worked in a temporary position for at least one hour, including all assignment lengths). The temporary worker population is primarily made up of those who commute to Monaco. It is predominant...

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Population census

13 February 2018 Thematic Content

The census allows the population to be counted and provides an understanding of the country’s population. Monaco’s first census was carried out in 1757.Censuses have been conducted regularly since the end of the nineteenth century in order to track demographic trends and changes in the Principality’s population.The...

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20 April 2018 Thematic Content

The Principality of Monaco employed 57,867 people as of 31 December 2010, that is a 2.8 % increase with respect to the previous year.

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Enquête ESPAD

24 September 2020 Thematic Content

L'enquête ESPAD, menée tous les 4 ans dans de nombreux pays européens, étudie les comportements de santé, le mode de vie et les consommations d'alcool, tabac et autres drogues des adolescents scolarisés de 16 ans.A Monaco, ESPAD concerne l'ensemble des lycéens. La dernière enquête s’est déroulée en Principauté le 4...

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