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About Monaco Statistics

The creation in 2011 of Monaco Statistics, the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, was a major decision by the Monegasque Government to enable better monitoring of the country's future.

Monaco Statistics role is to foster awareness of the economic and social environment of the Principality. It has become the main observer of Monegasque activity. Through the guidance it provides to both business and public stakeholders, it participates fully in the common objective of maintaining the Principality’s attractiveness.

For this purpose, the Institute has put in place an information system based on the collection of statistical data, endorsed by the Minister of State in consultation with the Scientific Council for statistics and economic studies. The information collected by Monaco Statistics is sourced from State departments, the Municipality and public bodies. The data is the subject of statistical processing in line with nomenclatures and methods recognised at international level, collated by Monaco Statistics.

Gathering, producing, analysing and disseminating this data increases overall knowledge and allows studies to be made, forecasts to be established and useful decisions to be taken.

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The team

31 March 2023 Thematic Content

Directeur :M. Alexandre BUBBIO Adjoint au Directeur :M. Pascal FERRY Chef de Section - Chargée d'études statistiques :Mme Julie MARTY AdministrateurMme Pauline FARAUD MOLINARI Rédacteurs - Chargé(e)s d'études statistiques : M. Benjamin CAUQUIL Mme Florence MOURADIANMme Chloé REALINI ROTSCHEIDT Chef de Bureau :Mme Em...

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Legal framework

11 April 2019 Thematic Content

Reference texts relating to Statistics in the Principality:

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Scientific Council

18 February 2019 Thematic Content

The Scientific Council for Statistics and Economic Studies is under the aegis of the Minister of State and has a consultative role. It gives its views on such as needs to be fulfilled (studies to be undertaken), the state of the statistical system and the annual programme of surveys.

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Code of practice

28 March 2012 Thematic Content

The objective of this code is to lay down ethical principles to be used as reference by Monaco Statistics staff in the conduct of their duties.

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Nomenclatures and repositories

12 August 2019 Thematic Content

For the production of its studies and publications, and in order to set up an optimal classification of the data, Monaco Statistics uses nomenclatures and repositories. Here are the main ones :

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Protection of personal data

07 June 2013 Thematic Content

As part of the tasks assigned to the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (IMSEE), the Institute handles various types of personal information that have been the subject of applications to the Commission for the Control of Personal Information.The Commission for the Control of Personal Information...

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