Gouvernement Princier de Monaco

Scientific Council


The Scientific Council is comprised of 11 members, whose term is set at three years :

  • The President, Professor Pierre-André Chiappori  ;
  • The Vice-President, Jean Franck Bussotti, a Monegasque entrepreneur ;
  • Paul Champsaur , former Director General of INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) and former President of France's Public Statistics Authority ;
  • Jean-Jacques CAMPANA, Director of Monaco Social Funds ;
  • Two representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Economy ;
  • A representative from the National Council ;
  • A representative from the Municipal Council ;
  • The President of the Economic and Social Council ;
  • The President of the Economic Development Chamber ;
  • The Inspector General of Administration or his/her representative.

The Director of IMSEE (the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) acts as the secretariat of the Scientific Council.

Recommandations by the Scientific Council to H.E. the Minister of State for which a request for implementation has been made to the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies:

The Scientific Council also makes recommendations on projects to evaluate data gathered from a variety of institutions, as well as the respect of ethical matters.

6th Scientific Council held on the 17th October 2014

  • Launch a reflection on the feasibility of calculating the Global Competitiveness Index;
  • Study the contribution of real estate sector to the Monegasque economy;
  • Study the achievement of a Population and Housing Census in 2016;
  • Study the achievement of a study on absenteeism similar to the public sector one, focusing on the private sector.

5th Scientific Council held on the 17th March 2014

  • Entrust Monaco Statistics with the thought and study on rents in the Principality;
  • Ensure an increase in computing tools and resources of the departments, which are essential for the implementation of long term tools required to collect and produce statistics;
  • Set up one or several institutional indicators, alternative to GDP.

4th Scientific Council held on the 3rd April 2013

  • Give to Monaco Statistics a role in identifying and coordinate the Administration existing databases. Monaco Statistics could also give an opinion oh the appropriateness of using and publishing the informations from these databases, which wouldn't be today ;
  • Allow Monaco Statistics to access the non-aggregated data held by the Admnistration departments, especially tax data ;
  • Get closer to the French authorities in order to allow economic agents to take out a dematerialized invitation to tender (SIREN number / NIS).

3rd Scientific Council held on the 19th July 2012

  • Extend the study "Logement des monégasques:  Etudes des besoins à horizon 2022" ("Accommodation for Monegasques – A Study of Needs for 2022") to the protected sector and to National Housing Aid ;
  • Make an inventory of industrial and commercial premises ;
  • Harmonise the geographic division of districts in the Principality ;
  • Create "real-time indicators" that are useful for economic players.

2nd Scientific Council held on the 10th October 2011

  • Consider putting in place indicators that would give a complete picture of economic activities in the Principality and study the availability of data on real estate, construction, tourism and employment, for example (as the importance of the Turnover indicator is likely to decrease) ;
  • Implement a new way of calculating GDP per head, based on the working population of the Principality.

1st Scientific Council held on the 22nd March 2011

  • Adopt the French Classification of Activities at the beginning of 2012 ;
  • Draw up a law on statistics.

Create an inventory of data and databases held by the administration.