Gouvernement Princier de Monaco

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council for Statistics and Economic Studies is under the aegis of the Minister of State and has a consultative role. It gives its views on such as needs to be fulfilled (studies to be undertaken), the state of the statistical system and the annual programme of surveys.


The Scientific Council is comprised of 11 members, whose term is set at three years :

  • The President, Professor Pierre-André CHIAPPORI  ;
  • The Vice-President, Jean-Franck BUSSOTTI, a Monegasque entrepreneur ;
  • Jean-Jacques CAMPANA, Director of Monaco Social Funds ;
  • Dominique BUREAU, General Delegate of France's Economic Council for Sustainable Development, President of France's Committee for the Green Economy and President of France's Public Statistics Authority ;
  • Two representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Economy ;
  • A representative from the National Council ;
  • A representative from the Municipal Council ;
  • The President of the Economic and Social Council or his/her representative ;
  • The President of the Monaco Economic Board or his/her representative ;
  • The Director of the Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility or his/her representative.

The Director of Monaco Statistics acts as the secretariat of the Scientific Council, which makes recommendations to H.E. the Minister of State on projects to evaluate data gathered from a variety of institutions, as well as the respect of ethical matters.