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The Demography Observatory is the result of a collaboration begun in 2012 between Monaco Statistics, the Registry Office (Nationality) and Monaco City Hall 's Informatics Department.

The aim is to present the main demographic indicators for the population of Monegasque nationality.

Population change and structure

Monegasque nationals population as at 31 december 2018
9,326 persons
Source: Monaco Statistics


As of the 31st of December 2018, the Monegasque population stands at 9,326 persons. The annual increase, which was stable between 2014 and 2017 (+1.1 % on average), slowed down slightly in 2018 (+0.7 %).


Monegasque's national mean age is 44.3 years. This mean is 6 years greater for women than for men. The national median age is 46.7 years. Half of the female citizens are older than 50 years old, whereas the median age is only 41 years for men.

Births and fertility

2018 Birth rate
Source: Monaco Statistics
2018 Total Fertility rate
1,9 children per woman
Source: Monaco Statistics


The birth rate was low in 2018 with 90 births (birth rate of 9.7 ‰) and a Total Fertility Rate of 1.9 child per woman, which is the lowest level observed since 2003. The average age of first-time mothers is 33.1 years, a historically high number.


Deaths and life expectancy

2018 Death rate
Source: Monaco Statistics


94 deaths were recorded, giving a mortality rate of 10.1 ‰, the second highest since 2010. Life expectancy at birth has had its progress slowing down for a few years already. In 2016-2018, it was estimated at 85,7 years (83.6 years for men and 87.9 years for women). 

2016-2018 Life expectancy at birth
85,7 years
Source: Monaco Statistics


Marriages and divorces

76 marriages involving at least one person of Monegasque nationality were celebrated. The marriage rate is 8.1 ‰ and is lower than the average observed since 2000 (9.5 ‰). In 2018, the average age of grooms at marriage was 33.4 years, and the average bride was 31.2 years old at marriage.

The number of divorces which took place in 2018 is not yet definitively known, as a result of delays in this information reaching the Civil and Nationality Registry. These delays are inherent to the legal proceedings. There were 33 divorces in 2017 for a crude divorce rate of 3.6 ‰, the lowest rate observed for more than 30 years.