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Population projection

Using demographic information provided by the Nationality Department of the Monaco Town Hall, Monaco Statistics has produced a population forecast of Monegasque nationals to 2022.


According to Town Hall Nationality Department data, the total Monegasque population is 8,389: 3,622 men and 4,767 women.

The population pyramid of Monegasque nationals has an atypical shape, due in part to the small population and also to the 'naturalisation' phenomenon that influences it shape. In fact, other than natural entries to the pyramid corresponding to births, new Monegasques also 'feed' into the pyramid. This is mainly the case for women around the age of 35, corresponding to cases of naturalisation after 5 years of marriage.

The recent change in legislation regarding the acquisition of nationality will alter this phenomenon, which will become statistically homogenous, regardless of gender, but will appear later (around 40 years of age).

The estimated population of Monegasque nationals by 2022 is 9,396.  Strong growth is observed for the years 2012/2013, related to acquisitions linked to the introduction of the law of December 2011 on the transmission of nationality by marriage.

Aside from an increase in the number of Monegasque nationals as a result of this new law, two other phenomena can be seen:

  • A slight redressing of the balance between men and women (the percentage of men in the population increases from 43% today to 46% in 2020)
  • An aging of the population due, on the one hand to longer life expectancy and on the other hand to the reform in the law on the transmission of nationality (the 305 men potentially concerned have an average age of 59)


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