Gouvernement Princier de Monaco

Focus : Construction 2019

Couverture Focus Construction 2019

In 2019, construction, a major industry sector, generated 13.1% of Monaco’s revenue, excluding financial and insurance activities. The sector includes 484 businesses, employing a total of 5,211 people. It is the third-largest sector in terms of revenue, and the fourth largest employer in the Principality.

It accounted for 9.5% of the Principality’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018, making it the fourth-largest contributor.

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Focus : Les femmes salariées dans le secteur privé

14 January 2021

A la fin de l’année 2019, plus de 21000 femmes sont salariées dans le secteur privé, ce qui représente 40 % de la population salariée du secteur pr... Read more[+]

Barometer - Retail trade: November 2020

12 January 2021

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