Gouvernement Princier de Monaco

Complete your GDP declaration online

Couverture déclarez votre PIB 2014

If you are an authorised representative, accountant, property agent or professional who handles multiple declarations each year, consider using the online GDP declaration service.





Why should you switch to the online service  ?

  • This service is designed for professionals, offering an easier way to submit your data, regardless of the type or number of declarations you have to make.
  • You can use a single user account to complete all of your declarations, both for yourself and for your clients
  • You can also export your data automatically from your standard software package, saving you time and minimising manual processing operations

How do you use the online service  ?

  1. Log into the online service using  your existing credentials (or create a new account)
  2. Enter the GDP activation codes you have received for the current period (2015 GDP form)
  3. Import the data from your standard software package or enter the information directly online

If you require help setting up an automated export or have any questions about the GDP declaration, please contact IMSEE by calling 8000 2008 (from Monaco) or send an email to the following address: pib@gouv.mc  .

The GDP declaration is a legal requirement for all natural or legal persons carrying out business in the Principality. The data collected by IMSEE from these declarations are used for statistical purposes only.

You must complete your GDP declaration no later than 29 May 2015.

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