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Couverture BTE 1T 2018
14 June 2018 News flash

Economy Bulletin 1st quarter 2018

The Bulletin of the Economy for the 1st quarter of 2018, on data collected since 1 January, is available online.The combined increase in imports and exports increased the overall volume of trade (+23.5%). However, with imports...

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Couverture Baromètre Commerce de détail
12 June 2018 News flash

Barometer – Retail trade: April 2018

The barometer on the business survey in April 2018 in the retail trade is online.According to the retailers interviewed, in April 2018, the business climate decreases in the retail trade and in the trade and repair of motor veh...

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Couverture Focus Commerce de détail 2017
05 June 2018 News flash

Focus : Retail trade

The retail sector encompassed 801 very different businesses.Its represents5.6 %of the private sector employmentand 9.4 %of the turnover.For further information,download Focus : Retail trade

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Couverture Observatoire Démographie 2017
29 May 2018 News flash

2017 Demography Observatory

The 2017 Demography Observatory is online.This study presents the main demographic indicators for the population of Monegasque nationality.As at 31 December 2017, the Monegasque population stands at9,259 persons. The annual inc...

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22 May 2018 News flash

Economic benefits of the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix

The study of the economic benefits of the 2017 edition of the Monaco Grand Prix is online. Benefits in the Principality are estimated at 90 million euros.The results confirm that it's the most important event organized in the P...

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