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Couverture BTE 4T 2017
15 March 2018 News flash

Economy Bulletin 4th quarter 2017

The Bulletin of the Economy for the 4thquarter of 2017, on data collected since 1 January, is available online.The overall volume of trade increased (+€26m, or +1.1%). Exports fell(-€55.3m) and imports increased (+€80.8m): the...

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Couverture Baromètre Commerce de détail
12 March 2018 News flash

Barometer – Retail trade : January 2018

The barometer on the business survey in January 2018 in the retail trade is online.According to the retailers interviewed, in January 2018,the business climate improves slightly in the retail trade and in the trade and repair o...

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Couverture Focus Météo 2017
20 February 2018 News flash

Focus : Climate and meteorology

The year 2017 was in line with the norms for the temperatures, but particularly dry with regard to the rainfall inputs.This sixth edition of theFocus : Climate and meteorology also presents an analysis of the sunshine, wind and...

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Couverture Observatoire Immobilier 2017
16 February 2018 News flash

2017 Real-Estate Observatory

The 2017 Real-Estate Observatory is available online.In 2016, no new programmes were marketed. In 2017, 15 housing units were delivered, but not all of these were for sale. "Off plan" sales of the Stella and Villa Tri...

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Couverture Rapport Recensement 2016
14 February 2018 News flash

2016 Census report's release

The 2016 population census full report is available online.For further information, you can access to the Population census section , or download the report .

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