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Couverture : Focus - Industrie 2013
16 April 2014 News flash

Focus : Industry

This Focus describes this major economic sector of the Monegasque economy following 3 lines : employment, GDP's weight and turnover.Industry represents 6.3% of the private sector employment, 5.6% of the GDP and 7.9% of the turn...

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Téléservice PIB EN
14 April 2014 News flash

Online GDP Declaration

As from 14 April 2014, the online service for declaring the information required for calculating GDP will once again be made available to economic stakeholders in the Principality of Monaco.This online service makes it possible...

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Couverture Focus Commerce de gros 2013
09 April 2014 News flash

Focus : Wholesale trade

This publication describes this major economic sector of the Monegasque economy following 3 axes : employment, GDP's weight and turnover.Wholesale trade represents 4.8% of the private sector employment, 8.3% of the GDP and 47.6...

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02 April 2014 News flash

2013 Foreign Trade Observatory

The Foreign Trade Observatory, for the 2013 period is available online.The numerical data of the Foreign Trade are transferred to IMSEE by the "Direction Générale des Douanes (françaises) et Droits Indirects. Statistics fo...

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Couverture Focus : Salariés 2013
26 March 2014 News flash

Focus : Private sector employees

This Focus is dedicated to employees registrated atMonaco Social Funds.On December 31, 2013, there are 46,600 employees in the Principality's private sector, a progression of 1,158 employees (+2.5%) compared to the previous yea...

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"Focus", the periodical published by Monaco Statistics is a source of quick information that aims to present key figures in various fields, such as the automobile market, population, employment, education or health.

16 April 2014

Foreign Trade Observatory

The objective of the Foreign Trade Observatory is to analyse trade in goods between Monaco and the rest of the world (excluding France).The approach is based on the assessment of global volumes of trade, the geolocation of the...

02 April 2014

Demography Observatory

The aim of the Demography Observatory is to present the main demographic indicators for the population of Monegasque nationality.

12 March 2014

Economy Bulletin

TheEconomy Bulletinoffers key figures of Monegasque economic activity for the preceding quarter. These figures are related to the sectors of Tourism, Real Estate, Transports,Foreign Trade,Consumption, Finance and Employment.The...

05 March 2014

Real-Estate Observatory

The objective of this Observatory is to present one of the sectors of the Monegasque economy, namely Real-Estate, and more specifically private sector Real-Estate for residential purposes and its trend since 2006.

12 February 2014

GDP Reports

The GDP of the Principality, which is calculated since 2005, is published in an annual report which presents the figures in a summarised form and by industry. Detailed figures of the annual economic growth rate and the GDP per...

13 November 2013
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