Gouvernement Princier de Monaco

Measuring the gender pay gap

Following the recommendations of international bodies, the Principality of Monaco has set up a Committee for the Promotion and Protec-tion of Women's Rights under the Minister of State. Its purpose is to ensure the coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national policies and measures taken to promote equality between women and men and to prevent and combat all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

In December 2018, the Minister of State requested Monaco Statistics to carry out a study on gender pay gaps in the private and public sector.

In the context of this study on wage inequalities between women and men, the first of its kind in the Principality, Monaco Statistics has endeavoured to build a solid methodology tending to an analysis "all things being equal" in order to take into account the specific context of Monaco and the structure of its employed population. This methodology was developed in partnership with INSEE and validated by the Scientific Council for Statistics and Economic Studies, chaired by Professor Pierre-André CHIAPPORI.

Monaco Statistics has mainly relied on information provided by the Caisses Sociales de Monaco and relating to private sector employees with, in addition, an analysis of the remuneration index of public sector employees carried out thanks to information from the Human Re-sources and Training Department.

The study on the measurement of the gender pay gap is available on this page