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NIS registration

What is the NIS?

The Statistical Identification Number (NIS) is made up of two parts: a NAF code (rev 2, 2008) and a unique sequential number. The NAF code is an alphanumeric code assigned by Monaco Statistics  to each economic entity : natural or legal person to indicate its main business activity. The NIS is the new appellation of the DSEE number or VAT code which was allocated by the Statistics Department of the Business Development Agency. A NIS certificate is issued by Monaco Statistics following completion of procedures for the creation of the business activity.

NIS and change of NAF

The French classification of activities (NAF) classifies all activities carried out. In line with economic and technological developments, new business lines are created and others are phased out. It is therefore important to regularly update this codification to suit the current situation. The French classification of activities (NAF rev 2, 2008) is the national statistical classification of economic activities which has replaced the NAF 1993 since 1st January 2012. The NAF rev 2, 2008 has 732 codes.

What are the impacts of the change in the NAF code on collective agreements? 

None. The NAF code and the collective agreement applied by each company are often linked, since the company, or business line or economic sector is a common factor. However, a change in the NAF code does not automatically and necessarily lead to a change in the collective agreement. It is not a valid reason to change the collective agreement.  

This code is used in VAT returns. As from which return does it become effective? 

For returns relating to the year 2012. In any case, the new code will automatically be replaced by the Tax Department and pre-printed on the forms and spaces designed for e-filing.

Does the allocation of a NAF code give me the right to carry out and/or does it restrict me to all the activities included in this code?

No. The allocation by Monaco Statistics, for statistical purposes, of a code which characterises the main activity with reference to the French classification of economic activities is not sufficient to create rights or obligations in favour or against the concerned entities. It is the object of the company which determines the lawful activity. The NAF code is only a statistical industry classification.

I need a duplicate of the NIS certificate

I would like to change my company’s NAF code because I consider that it does not (or no longer) relate to its main activity?

In both cases, you can contact Monaco Statistics via the contact page,  by email or by phone, specifying your company’s name, your RCI registration number and the concerned establishment or your NIS.